Passages Reengagement Components


Connect is a diploma completion program for credit-deficient 5th and 6th year seniors. Students are eligible who have 5.0 or fewer credits to complete. 

GED Transition

Before enrolling in the program, students take GED pretests to determine their readiness for the official tests. If students need preparation help, they can access test preparation in Passages at the Merlo Station campus with our GEDT teacher. Students may also access PCC ABE GED classes. Once students complete their GED, they are eligible to apply for the Continued Education Option (CEO), a supported transition to access college classes at PCC.

Students ages 16-18 are welcome to apply. Students age 19 can apply as long as they turn 19 after September 1. Students with an IEP have until the age of 21 to apply.

Interval Session

Students ages 16-19 have the opportunity to take a "pause" in their education and focus on their ACE plan: Academic support, Colossal plan for high school completion and post-secondary options, and their Elephant in the room (non-academic barriers).

Students spend an average of eight weeks in Interval before transitioning to the next step of their chosen educational path.


OYCP Transition

Passages teachers begin meeting with Beaverton School District cadets while living at The Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program (OYCP)‚Äč, helping facilitate their returning to the district, and supporting them until high school completion. For OYCP December graduates, Passages offers a full-day option to earn credits until the beginning of semester 2. For OYCP June graduates, Passages offers summer school. During the school year, OYCP Transition supports cadet graduates who are within 3 credits of graduating.

Outreach & Engagement

Outreach & Engagement serves Beaverton School District students and families who are looking for options other than their neighborhood school.