General Program Questions

Who should apply to Passages Reengagement?

You should consider Passages if:

  • you are 16-20
  • you are looking for options other than your neighborhood high school
  • you want to move forward in your education

What are the hours?

Passages has several components, each with their own schedule, but within the hours of 7:30am - 3:30pm during the school week. We follow the Beaverton School District calendar.

How long will I be in Passages Reengagement?

Depending on which component of our program you choose, you may have a short stay with us (about a month), or it might be longer.

What happens after I've completed Passages Reengagmeent?

After you complete Passages Reengagement, you transition on to the next step in your future. That might be a post-secondary option like an apprenticeship, college, or career training. Or you might attend a school to complete the remaining credits for your high school diploma. Whatever you choose, you have our support as you make that transition.

What about transportation?

Because we serve students in the entire district and have varied hours, students provide their own transportation. Our program may be able to provide TriMet passes to students who qualify. 

Are breakfast and lunch available?


Is childcare available for Passages Reengagement students?

Yes! Our students may take advantage of the Little Mustangs Learning Center on campus.

Is Passages Reengagement a credit recovery program?

No. While students may work on credit opportunities in Passages Reengagement, we are not a credit recovery program.

Will I be able to use my IEP or 504 plan?

Yes, most likely. We have support for students with 504 plans and whose Special Education placement is general education with resource services. 

I am new to the district, what options do I have other than my neighborhood high school?

If you are brand new to the district and looking for options other than your neighborhood high school, please contact Outreach & Engagement Specialist Gretchen Mollers. She will be able to go over options with you.

I am under 16, what are my options?

Consider Merlo Station High School if you are of high school age. Merlo Station High School is a small, non-traditional high school in the Beaverton School District. It is designed to help students take responsibility for their learning and their lives. 

GED Transition Questions

How long will it take me to get my GED?

It depends on your GED Ready Official Practice Test scores and whether or not you have government issued ID. If your pretest scores are at least 150, and you have government issued ID, you can schedule your official tests. If your pretest scores are below 150, you may need test prep. You will have a meeting with our GED Transition teacher to determine your plan to move forward with your GED.

Why do I need to take a GED pretest?

You need to take the GED Ready Official Practice Tests in order to determine if you can pass the official GED test or if you need test prep. These pretests are aligned with the official tests and can fairly accurately predict your ability to pass the official test. 

Do I have to pay for the GED?

If you are enrolled in our GED Transition program, we cover pretest fees and fees for the first attempt of the official tests.

Does Passages GED Transition offer support after program students earn their GED?

Yes. Our teachers make sure you have a transition plan for future success once you've earned your GED. Eligible students may take advantage of our college/career prep program which prepares students for success at Portland Community College.